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There are clearly too many tv commercials, constantly interrupting every show, to the point where they are not worth watching. What can we do?

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Crazy Self Suck Porn Tubes. Go bananas on other porn categories as well, here on!

America’s history of being wrong-headed about cannabis is well-documented on a variety of platforms, but the funniest way to examine it today is on YouTube. Host to a wide range of entertaining lunacy, YouTube’s rabbit holes can lead down some weird paths, including flat-earth theories, ’80s hair

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An index page listing Advertising Tropes content. An index of tropes about the advertising, marketing, and promotion of commercial products. See Advertising …

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For my money, these are the greatest sports-related commercials ever made. Hands down. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. Also, I’ll give finding that Barry Sanders one a …

This article is a list of Super Bowl commercials, that is, commercials that aired on the television network during the broadcast of the Super Bowl.In 2010, Nielsen reported that 51% of viewers prefer the commercials to the game itself.

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Nov 17, 2015 · 5 New Apple TV Commercials Focus on Games & Video Services

Jan 21, 2018 · I always have to provide my own narration for the Cialis commercials. “Let us fuck here in the park.” “”Would you prefer that we fuck in the pool, or would you prefer to fuck out of the pool.”

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